Mamta Takuli

Mamta (Mana) Takula is the Himalayan Naari Manager. In her role Mamta manages the on-site work of Naari’s Leadership Team and 60 artisans. With the Leadership Team, Mamta oversees all aspects of the Himalayan Naari program in India from product & color design and sample development to production, quality control and shipping. In addition, she is a skilled photographer, taking many of the photos for the Naari on-line store and social media.

Mamta is currently bringing two new initiatives to Naari: A pad machine project to improve menstrual health in the community. Mamta is also organizing an Aipan painting program to create products in this traditional art that Naari women can sell.

In addition to her computer skills and excellent English, Mamta brings a wonderful warmth and enthusiasm to the team. She enjoys hiking with her dog, Jojo.

Rehka Karki

Rekha Karki is a Master Knitter at Himalayan Naari. She has a unique skill in being able to create our new product samples. In addition to product development, Rekha trains the other Naari artisans in knitting new items. Rekha is a native of the Chakouri region. She has raised her family in Chakouri and sends her two children to the Himalayan InterCollege.

Kusum Joshi

SKusum Joshi was a founding member of Himalayan Naari. She is a superb knitter; she created the Kusum stitch which is used in many of our shawls and scarves. She takes a leadership role in Naari as a member of the wool team, which is responsible for procurement and distribution of the wool to knitters.

She coordinates the supplemental nutrition for the malnourished, pregnant and nursing women. Kusum also works in the Himalaya Naari vegetable garden.

Kusum grew up in Gangolihat, a small farming village in the Kumaon region. She moved to Chakouri about five years ago so that her three small children could attend the Himalayan Inter College.

Mamta Pant

Mamta works as one of Naari’s wool co-leaders. She prepares and orders the wool. She assigns items to the knitters and provides the required wool, ensuring that the records reflect what each artisan is making. As an expert knitter, she attends to any wool related issues or emergencies throughout the knitting process

Manvee Vaid

Manvee Vaid, the founder of TerraKlay, is the newly appointed director of Himalayan Naari. She has dedicated over a decade to empowering artisan communities in rural India. With a profound appreciation for indigenous arts and crafts, she has effectively bridged the gap between these communities and wider audiences through innovative and sustainable technologies and market connections.

Dr. Kathleen Bollerud

The US based founder and director of Himalayan Naari, coordinates sales, marketing, and product development. She is a retired psychologist with a specialization in leadership development and a current trustee of the Himalayan Education Foundation. Every year she travels to India for meetings with Naari partners within the local community and Himalaya Inter College, Chaukori.