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Black with Grey Trees
Black with Grey Trees
Black with Grey Trees
Black with Grey Trees
Black with Grey Trees
Black with Grey Trees

Black with Grey Trees

  • Cap - fleece-lined
  • Mittens
  • Cap & Cowl Set
  • Cap & Mitten
  • Medium

Naari Christmas Tree products are perfect accessories for the holiday season.   The simple, cheery design makes perfect gifts for either men or women.  They come in caps, fleece-lined caps, cowls, and fleece-lined mittens.  They can be purchased individually or in a set.

Caps and mittens are adult medium, unless special ordered. Cowls are one size fits all.

These items come in Grey with green, Grey with cream, Black with grey, Rose pink with cream, and Indigo with cream.  

Grey with green caps and Indigo caps are made with Fusion yarn (85% acrylic, 15% nylon blend). Machine was on "Delicate cycle"; lay flat to dry. 

The Rose pink caps are Lamb hair (84% wool, 16% polyester).  The Grey with cream and Black with grey are Swiss Mohair (66% acrylic, 23% wool, 11% mohair).  Hand wash in cool water; lay flat to dry. 

Because our products are hand-knit, items may contain slight variations from the photograph.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wool has excellent natural dirt-resistant properties that make it unnecessary to wash often. Wool items should be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. Do not put any in the dryer.

Acrylic items can be can be machine washed on delicate cycle and laid flat to dry. Or hand-washed. Do not put in the dryer.

Let merino wraps and blankets air outside, especially during humid weather. If your blanket still needs maintenance, please dry clean only.